Watch The First Fifteen Incredible Minutes Of GAME OF THRONES

The first few scenes from HBO’s upcoming epic fantasy series are more than a little awesome. And gruesome!

Van Patten got out of the white ninja biz and became one of the best TV directors going, and the opening minutes of Game of Thrones show how great he is at what he does. What’s especially awesome about the footage below is how much information is gotten across so quickly; reading George RR Martin’s books I kept thinking there were quicker ways to divulge info without doing ten page long internal monologues. This show proves I was right.

A word of warning to those who get psyched about the weird creatures glimpsed at the start of this clip - don’t expect too much of them this season. I don’t think that’s a spoiler but rather a fair warning;

>Game of Thrones

Wait for A Storm of Swords for that stuff.