Interesting Sandworm Chart Underestimates The Majesty of Shai-Hulud

A comparison of cinematic sandworms plays down the size of DUNE’s big makers.

It’s nice to see the Sandworms of Arrakis getting their due in this chart of different kinds of sandworms, but I must take offense at the size of the Shai-Hulud pictures here. Yes, some Sandworms were about that size, but some were much, much bigger. The worm that Paul calls to first become a wormrider is a half a league long, which is almost TWO MILES. I’ve seen the Beetlejuice sandworm in action and I’ll be fucked if it’s more than 60 feet long. You couldn’t even fit Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis side by side on the back of that thing, while Paul fits most of the sietch comfortably across the back of his big worm.

Nice try, Dan Meth. Nice try.

via Neatorama