Los Angeles: See Joseph Kahn’s DETENTION And Go To The Afterparty!

LA: See Joseph Kahn’s utterly insane DETENTION! Party afterwards with the cast and crew!

Joseph Kahn’s Detention is a crazy movie. I saw it at SXSW, and it sort of blew me away. Imagine every high school movie of the last thirty years rolled into one, and then dosed with meth. It’s a tour de force in a lot of ways, and it’s the kind of movie that I think BAD readers will appreciate because it’s uncompromising, weird, fast and smart. It’s a film that demands that you keep up, and it rewards you richly for doing so.

And I’m psyched to be giving away a pair of tickets to a special screening of the film, complete with open bar afterparty. The screening is this Wednesday at 7 at the Raleigh Studios, right across from the Paramount lot. If you can DEFINITELY make it and would like to party with the cast and crew, please send an email to devin at badassdigest.com with DETENTION in  the subject line. I need YOUR NAME and the NAME OF YOUR GUEST or you can’t get on the studio lot! This is very important.

This is a movie you need to see, and Kahn is an awesome guy to talk to, so you probably want to win this contest. Enter now!