Lucky NYers: Noah Baumbach Is Hosting An Amazing De Palma Retrospective At BAM!

Brooklyn’s BAM Cinematek puts together a must-see ten picture retrospective of Brian De Palma thrillers.

If you live in New York City and you have the ability to get to BAM at any point during their incredible Brian De Palma series and you don’t, you may not be that much of a film lover at all. That’s how monumentally great this series is.

Noah Baumbach is acting as BAM’s Cinema Club Chair this year, and he’s programmed ten great De Palma films to celebrate the stylish, beautiful and insanely cinematic work of the thriller master. These are ten of De Palma’s greatest films, and are all movies that deserve to be seen projected and with a crowd of like-minded cinephiles.

Only the first two shows have guests announced, but one of them is William Finley, star of Phantom of the Paradise, so who needs more? It would be stunning if De Palma showed up, but that would never happen. Here’s the schedule:

Friday April 8th - Sisters

Saturday April 9th - Phantom of the Paradise

Sunday April 10th - Body Double and Carrie

Monday April 11th - The Fury

Tuesday April 12th - Obsession

Wednesday April 13th - Blow Out

Monday April 18th - Raising Cain

Tuesday April 19h - Femme Fatale

Wednesday April 20th - Dressed to Kill

Some notes: I’ve never seen Obsession, so that would be a must-see for me. Having recently seen Femme Fatale projected I can tell you this is a film ripe for rediscovery and new appreciation. Body Double works like gangbusters in a crowded theater, as does Blow Out. Phantom of the Paradise is one of my favorite movies. And The Fury! The Fury does not play enough. Psychic adventures with John Cassavetes!

Click here to go to BAM’s page for the series. Buy tickets to every one of these movies!