Pitch For MUMMY 4: Archeologists Find EIGHT MILLION Mummified Dogs In Egypt

It turns out ancient Egypt didn’t have any ‘no mummification’ shelters.

You wouldn’t blink if I told you that archeologists in Egypt found eight mummified dogs. You’d barely look up if I told you eight hundred. Eight thousand might get a semi-interested ‘Hmmm’ out of you. But what if I tell you that archeologists have discovered the mummified remains of EIGHT MILLION DOGS beneath the Egyptian sands?


We always hear about how much the ancient Egyptians loved cats, but it turns out they subsribed to Dog Fancy as well. Some of the mummified dogs were adults, who had lived out their lives at temples dedicated to the jackal-headed god Anubis. Others, though, were killed and mummified within hours or days of birth.

Before you get too up in arms about it, keep in mind that this was a big deal for Egyptians. They would breed these dogs in ancient versions of puppy mills and pilgrims would come from all over to buy a puppy and get it mummified so that it could be the middleman between them and Anubis. This wasn’t sacrifice, this was a weird version of a service dog.

Dogs weren’t the only beast getting mummification. Nearby chambers have mummified bulls, cows, baboons, and cats. I’m beginning to suspect that the mummifiers were just figuring out ways to make work for themselves.

via Daily Mail