Twin Shadow Music Video Receives Mock-Director’s Cut Treatment

Find out what happens when the Dominican Daryl Hall “goes viral within the video”.

Much like the album itself, the corresponding music videos can’t seem to disappoint. They’re thoughtful, minimal, and thankfully don’t just feature himself frolicking and food fighting across the countryside with American Apparel models on their day off (I get it, coughLocalNativescough, if they aren’t going to eat the food you need to put it to good use).

The most recent video for At My Heels was directed by a duo steeped in mystery known only on Twitter as The Directors (@ASharedNod).  The pair amusingly describe themselves as: “Godard nodding to Herzog nodding to Wong Kar Wai nodding to Scorsese nodding to Lynch nodding to Malick nodding to Tarr nodding to von Trier nodding back at us.”

It parodies a sometimes taken-too-seriously director’s commentary and provides some intense chuckling along the way.

Another gem in the hopefully growing collection is for the track Castles in the Snow where found footage master and director, Jamie Harley, pulls and manipulates clips from PUNKS, a 1983 documentary showcasing the São Paulo punk rock scene in Brazil at the time.

If you’re still mourning the loss of recently retired LCD Soundsystem after all of that, I suggest you pick up the album (and a copy of Liquid Liquid’s self titled record of the same ilk if you can find one).

via Yours Truly