Kristen Bell Back Where She Belongs

Kicking ass and taking names on our TVs.

Kristen Bell forever won our hearts as a snarky, brilliant, unflappable teenage P.I. onVeronica Mars. (If you haven’t seen the show—shame on you!—it sounds stupid, but it’s fantastic.) She played a pitch-perfect high-maintenance actress in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but her film career has generally consisted of forgettable romantic comedies and an inexplicable turn in Burlesque. Her only other role that truly deserves her is as the uptight caterer Uda Bengt in the hilarious but canceled at the speed of light Party Down. So I think it’s great news that she’s headed back to television with a role on the half-hour Showtime comedy House of Lies, alongside Don Cheadle. Bell’s described as a “razor-sharp Brown grad,” and that sounds just her speed.

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Source: TV Line