More MMA: George Lucas’ Daughter Returns To Cage Fighting

This weekend Amanda Lucas takes all of her Gungan-inspired training back into the MMA ring.

Did you know that George Lucas’ eldest daughter is a cage fighter? She is! So be careful what sort of shit you talk about the Prequel films when she’s around.

Amanda Lucas hasn’t fought since 2009, but she’s back in the ring this Saturday at ‘Freestyle Cage Fighting 46’ in the metropolitan paradise of Shawnee, Oklahoma.

“Although I didn’t fight in 2010 I was actively training, competing in grappling tournaments and earning my purple belt in Brazillian jiu-jitsu,” Lucas tells “The main reasons I didn’t fight was first, I got married and I assured everyone that I wouldn’t walk down the aisle looking like a battered woman. Second, I wanted to focus on getting technically better in all areas of MMA.”

And before somebody brings it up in the comments, yes, she’s adopted but so what - she’s still his daughter. Being adopted only means that she won’t have his neck giblets.

I only found this out right now, thanks to Jeff Wright on Twitter. Consider my day partially made.