See Hawkeye Awkwardly Edited Into new THOR Footage

Hawkeye briefly appears on a crane while Thor gets muddy with a SHIELD agent.

The idea here is that you’re gonna be pretty excited to see live action Hawkeye in the new Thor footage, and that maybe you won’t even notice that he’s just cut and pasted into the scene with no rhyme or reason. And that it’s too dark to see anything (I adjusted the above image in PhotoShop because I am a fucking warrior of computers).

This is the second clip from Thor, and while it’s not as baffling as that first one (with Thor wandering around moaning ‘Hammer! Hammer!’), it still doesn’t show off the movie in any appreciable way. Where the epic scope? The magic? The gods? The anything bigger than two guys falling through a plastic sheet and the fighting in the mud? Look, Paramount, Warner Bros showed us how big and weird Green Lantern can be - why are you still hiding Thor from us?

Thanks to Brian Henne for the link!