Trailer For ELFQUEST Fan Film Plays Like Fetish Material

A really strange, kind of sexy fan trailer for a non-existent ELFQUEST movie.

This trailer for some kind of Elfquest fan film is weird for the following reasons:

- It’s all women. I am pretty sure that a number of the characters in the film are male in the comics.

- It’s all posing. This is like if someone was doing a cosplay photo session in the woods and just happened to take along a nice camera. The most that happens is that the actresses look off to the side with a confused expression. Not really ‘gripping.’

But I’m posting it anyway for the following reasons:

- The women are all pretty hot, and there’s something about a lady in elf ears and leathers that I must admit gets me going.

- It’s just weird enough to be interesting.

- It’s a good excuse to link you to the Elfquest archives, where every issue of the comic is available to read free online. It’s a pretty cool initiative; I remember enjoying the books way back in  the day, probably because of their sexuality, but also because of the great art. There’s a wonderful 70s vibe to every aspect of Elfquest, but I especially love the  70s feel to the character designs.

via Topless Robot