A Nation Waits, Breathless: Will Johnny Depp Cameo In 21 JUMP STREET Movie?

In these times of pain and uncertainty, only one actor can make the cameo that will heal a nation.

As soon as the Deadline headline made its way across RSS feeds - ‘As Dave Franco Joins ‘21 Jump Street,’ Will Johnny Depp Make A Cameo?,’ you could hear people stop typing. TV sets were turned off. Crying babies left alone, unattended in their cribs. People were suddenly transfixed.

Would Johnny do it? No, COULD Johnny do it? Might this happen? Might the movie adaptation of 21 Jump Street, already the cultural event of this young century, truly bring in the man who reimagined Keith Richards as a pirate and Michael Jackson as a candy eating pervert?

All we can do now is wait. Wait and see. Suddenly the nuclear situation in Japan doesn’t seem so pressing. Suddenly Congress has stopped arguing about a shut down of the government. Just like that we are all brought together as one, tingling with a mixture of anticipation and fear:

Will Johnny Depp cameo in a 21 Jump Street movie?

Deadline says ‘maybe.’ A day is being put aside for Johnny to shoot something (anything, we cry in our heads, let him shoot anything! He is Johnny Depp! This is 21 Jump Street! Don’t make us settle for Richard Grieco, you fucking Hollywood bastards, you evil, cruel cocksuckers! Not again!). Johnny could - probably will - do a cameo.

Somewhere you hear the sound of weeping. Relieved sobs. A tear trickles down your own cheek.

Also, James Franco’s brother has been cast in the movie as a drug dealer or something.