Go To The Movies: The Weekend Open Movies Thread

ARTHUR, HANNA and YOUR HIGHNESS are the big openers. MEEK’S CUTOFF is in limited release. What are you seeing? Talk about the weekend movies here. Warning: there will be spoilers!

It’s another good weekend at the movies, with a couple of new releases worthy of your attention as well as some holdovers from the past.

My pick for the weekend is Hanna (my review here). This is a movie you have to see, and you have to see on the big screen. That’s if you like good movies, anyway. If you don’t like good movies there’s also a remake of Arthur that panders to the nerd crowd with Batman and Star Wars references.

Also this weekend is Your Highness; this is tougher to recommend because while I liked it a bunch, it’s not for everybody. Especially tough is that the film is funny in a particularly low key way that some may find off-putting. Or not funny (my review here).

Opening in small release - just New York this weekend, I think - is Meek’s Cutoff, a quiet pioneer film from the always excellent Kelly Reichardt  (see Wendy and Lucy and Old Joy!). And then there’s Soul Surfer, a religious movie about a surfing girl who gets her arm bitten off by a shark but keeps believing in Jesus anyway. Or something.

As always, the comments below are open to spoilers for this weekend’s movies, so beware!