New DARK KNIGHT RISES Casting Confirms Rumored Storyline

A certain character will be appearing in Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film, leading us to believe that our previous report is more or less vindicated. Victory!

Spoilers, I guess:

Josh Pence, who played the Winklevoss twin who had his face replaced by Armie Hammer (it changed from scene to scene) in The Social Network, has been cast in The Dark Knight Rises. His role: young R’as Al Ghul, appearing in flashbacks.

My guess, based on the rough plot outline we broke last month, is that Pence’s scenes will involve the young Bane; what I’ve heard is that Bane becomes to the League of Shadows what they had hoped Bruce Wayne would be. In Star Wars parlance, ‘there is another.’ I’d guess that Ra’s was aware of young Bane growing up in a prison, and that the flashbacks will feature that. Might they also feature The League of Shadows attempting to destroy Gotham previously, when Bruce was a boy? In fact, might the flashbacks not compare and contrast young Bruce and young Bane? I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

And by the way - do you think Pence will be the only actor playing Ra’s Al Ghul in this film? Hmmmm…..

via Hollywood Reporter