Sadness Reigns: Trailer For Lars Von Trier’s Apocalyptic MELANCHOLIA

Lars von Trier is back and the trailer for his next film, Melancholia, is absolutely stunning. It’s also NSFW, featuring a couple of nude shots of Kirsten Dunst. FYI.

We’ve known that von Trier, one of cinema’s great modern provocateurs, was making a movie about the end of the world, literally and emotionally, but now we know that the literal end comes in the form of a planet that is about to smash into Earth. It’s actually a conceit similar to that of Another Earth, a Sundance film that Fox Searchlight picked up for release this summer.

Melancholia looks, no surprise, absolutely beautiful. But how is it going to completely fuck audiences up? What does Lars have up his sleeve this time?

Melancholia from Zentropa on Vimeo.