Here Comes The Ad-Supported Kindle

A new, ad-supported version of the Amazon Kindle will be the cheapest yet. Is it worth it?

I love my Amazon Kindle. That’s a big thing for me to say because I used to be very against the concept of e-books, and generally scoffed at the Kindle. But three generations in I finally took the leap and I’m loving every single day with my Kindle. I read more than I used to, I love the experience of reading on the Kindle (it’s much better than reading on the iPad), and I never have to charge the sucker.

The Kindle I bought was the 3G variety (so that I could buy books on the go), and it cost a bargain 180 or so dollars. But that’s still high - the magic price point for the device will be 99 bucks. Now Amazon is getting closer to the 99 dollar price point with a new version of the device that includes ads.

Yup, an ad-supported Kindle. But before you freak out, consider this - the $114 model will only have ads on the screen saver and on the Home Screen. That means no ads in your books. I’m generally against ads anywhere, but I can tell you from experience that ads on the screen saver and Home Screen would be almost completely unnoticed by the average user.

If you’ve been holding out on the Kindle, this price could be what brings you over. I highly recommend it.