Relive The Experience Of The First Human In Space With FIRST ORBIT

A video recreation of what the first man in space saw, fifty years ago today.

Fifty years ago today humanity did one of the most incredible things it has yet accomplished - it got a man into space and had him orbit the Earth. When I was growing up in the 70s and early 80s it was still a sore spot that the first human into space was a Soviet, but with so many years distance the important thing is that somebody got up there.

Now you can see what the very first human being in Earth orbit saw. First Orbit is an amazing film project; the International Space Station was tasked to match Gagarin’s orbit as best as possible. That orbit was filmed and then recordings of Gagarin communicating with ground control (subtitled in English) are laid over it. It’s like you’re in the capsule.

Click here for information on the project. You can watch the entire 108 minute long film below.

Thanks to Vivek for the link.