The Majesty of Mexican Pointy Boots

Take your favorite cowboy boots and reimagine them as elf-wear. Now you have Mexican Pointy Boots, and you’re ready to go dancing.

You knew that cowboy boots got pointy, but did you know they got THIS pointy? In Mexico super pointy cowboy boots are the rage in the ‘tribal guarachero’ music scene, where crews dance in insanely pointy boots that look like they’re made for Rumplestilskin. The boots started off normal size, but like the Cold War, competition soon made every stock up on their arsenals - in this case the rubber hose and leather uppers that create the unusually elongated points.

The Mexican Pointy Boot phenomenon is fairly new, having really taken off in the last year or so, but it’s spreading. In a couple of years we could see a whole generation whose shoes slap against their knees.

Thanks to @nickrob, who alerted me to this fashion trend. And check out this excellent video from Vice about it; while Vice Magazine has always been hipster shit, the video content they produce is almost always uniformly great.