Yahoo! Answers Is Unimpressed With David Foster Wallace’s INFINITE JEST

One of the great works of modern literature, as critiqued by the boneheads who frequent Yahoo! Answers.

David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest is one of my all-time favorite books. I’m always baffled by people who think it’s a hard read - it’s a great read, just long and demanding of your attention. I think it’s one of those books started much more than it’s finished, which is too bad because it’s just terrific.

Anyway, it’s a landmark in modern literature. Meanwhile, Yahoo! Answers is a well-known hive of morons. What would the goons who answer Yahoo! Answers think of it? Someone posted the first page, pretending it’s the first page of their own novel. The Yahoo! mob didn’t think much of it. Another win for the dumb ass theory of crowdsourcing.

Click here to see the critiques.

via Jason Kottke, via @tinch