Back Again: The First Video Diary From THE HOBBIT

It’s begun. Here’s your first video look at the making of THE HOBBIT.

It’s been years. There’s been turmoil. It looked like it might never happen. But shooting has finally begun on The Hobbit, and there’s a video production diary to prove it. Despite whatever misgivings I might have it’s impossible to watch some of this and not feel excited; Peter Jackson may have made missteps after Return of the King but it’s thrilling to see him back in home territory. Literally, as the production video includes looks at Rivendell and Bag End, which are reproduced exactly from the first films.

I wouldn’t expect too much news or insight in this video diary - just a sense of  homecoming.

By the way - this video makes it seem like the first shot on the first day of The Hobbit was an insert of Bilbo finding the ring in Gollum’s lair. If so, it’s a nice bit of connection.

Click here to watch it.