Has FAMILY TIES Child Star Brian Bonsall Become Some Kind Of Twitter Troll?

Another child star gone bad. But this time in a very entertaining way. UPDATED: IT’S GETTING WEIRD

Here’s Bonsall more recently:

And now he may be on Twitter. An account claiming to be Brian Bonsall has appeared, and the account seems to spend most of its time trolling celebrities, which is delightful. Some bon mots from @brianbonsall

@marisatomei im happy to say you did not deserve that oscar for my cousin vinny though im sure you get it all the time, whats once more?!?!!

@Alyssa_Milano you look dirty when preggo alissa

@David_Boreanaz im better at pulling the women than you davey

@JonahHill fake fat faggot

@davidarquette heh dave, im now porking your hot milf wife courtney!!

@zachbraff Gaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I’m trying to find out if this is really him; the account links to a YouTube page that links back to the Twitter and that seems legit, although there hasn’t been anything uploaded in almost a year. Click here to visit that page.

UPDATE: It gets weird. There’s another Brian Bonsall Twitter account, @mrbrianbonsall and it has only three tweets. One of them is to a show by China Buffet, which is Bonsall’s band’s name. And he made this tweet a couple of days ago:

I have an impersonator his name is Nathan Loebe. He has copied alot of my tattoos and he prey’s on young women online and everywhere else!!!

So is the @brianbonsall account actually Nathan Loebe, who is imitating Brian Bonsall down to his tattoos? Nathan Loebe has a Facebook page. Here’s his ‘About Nathan’ section:

Hello I am a Con man. My full name is Nathan Larry Joseph Loebe. I impersonate the actor Brian Bonsall and I meet women and lead them on only to tell them I gave them HIV when they want to leave me. I have a Baskin Robbins Tattoo because Brian did commercials for them. Now I have them all over my neck and arms. I hang out in Longmont, Boulder, Denver and everywhere in between but sometimes I travel all over but originally im from Arizona. I love The Church in Denver and Beta. I love all the clubs in Denver and everywhere because I can prey on defenseless women.


I’m still investigating!

UPDATE 2: I was able to track Bonsall down to a phone number and address in Boulder, Colorado, but the person answering claims Bonsall no longer lives there. He said he hadn’t gotten a call like that in over a year. I’ve reached out to a couple of Brian Bonsall web presences trying to get to the bottom of all this…