Watch This: VAN GORE Wins HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN Fake Trailer Contest

He’s an artist of death, and his trailer will be playing on the HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN DVD and Blu. See it here now!

Hobo With A Shotgun only exists as a movie because Jason Eisner entered a fake trailer for it into a Grindhouse contest. Now his film held a fake trailer contest and the winner is a short called Van Gore; imagine if that were turned into a real film, and then that real film were to hold a fake trailer contest? We’d be nine times through the looking glass.

The funny thing is that I think Van Gore could be a movie. There’s an actually strong concept here, even if I’m a little bored with the faux-grindhouse aesthetic at this point (but that’s the parameters of the contest, so I don’t hold it against the short). Director Keith Hodder put together something pretty cool, and he’s going to be able to brag that his trailer will be running on  the Hobo Blu and DVD.

In the meantime you can watch Van Gore right here, and I highly recommend it. They kill a baby!

Hobo is on demand right now and coming to select theaters May 6th!