Go To The Movies: The Weekend Movies Open Thread

There are two new major releases - the terrible SCREAM 4 and the for-kids-only RIO. Did you see them? Or THE CONSPIRATOR or HENRY’S CRIME? Weigh in here.

Another Friday night, another discussion thread for the weekend’s movies. And it’s slim pickings when it comes to new stuff this weekend.

On the one end of the spectrum we have Scream 4, the rotten return of the properly dead franchise. I reviewed the film here, and I hated it. HATED IT. Which made the audience applause at the end all that much more infuriating.

Then on the other end of the spectrum is Fox’s Rio, an animated movie about birds. This film is already a hit overseas, and this could be Fox’s next Ice Age, which means it’ll be a series of movies whose existence I barely recognize. I hope that you only go see this if you have kids. And that you’re bringing your kids if you go.

Other films this weekend include Robert Redfords’ The Conspirator, about the people behind the killing of Abraham Lincoln. It got widely panned at the Toronto International Film Festival, and is opening very quietly. Then there’s Henry’s Crime, a drama starring Keanu Reeves and Vera Farmiga. Keanu plays an ex-con who was sent away for a crime he didn’t commit, so when he gets out he decides to commit that crime.

What have you seen? What did you think? This thread is open game for spoilers, since I assume all we’ll be discussing is Scream 4.