Krypton’s Not Crystal In THE MAN OF STEEL

Yet more insight into THE MAN OF STEEL, the Superman movie that isn’t filming yet but that is leaking like the crust of dying Krypton itself!

This is a little old, but I never got around to posting it and I like the info. Latino Review has some sources deep inside the production of The Man of Steel who gave them some select and interesting information about Zack Snyder’s take on Superman.

The site reports that while we will be seeing Krypton yet again in the new movie, this time it won’t be a crystalline world, as was established in the Donner films and beyond. Rather, LR’s scooper compares the new Krypton to Coruscant - a planet covered in a city. That seems more fitting for the super high tech world of the Kryptonians.

The site also has info on another villain, and it’s not Ursa. Or not quite. It’s Faora Hu-Ul, a man-hating Kryptonian supercriminal who, like Zod, first appeared in the 60s. Faora is obviously the template for Ursa, so just going back to the old name doesn’t quite sound like that big a difference. Of passing interest to nerds - General Zod wasn’t originally called General Zod in Action Comics, but rather Dru-Zod. I wonder if that’s his name in the new film as well, and if that’s how Snyder can get away with claiming Zod isn’t in his film. It’s true from a certain point of view, blah blah blah.