GAME OF THRONES Open Discussion Thread

Here it is - your place to discuss HBO’s new fantasy series GAME OF THRONES as it airs. Please avoid spoilers!

In just over an hour HBO’s huge fantasy show, Game of Thrones, debuts on the East Coast of the US (and for those of us with linking feeds on the West Coast!). This is the place for you to talk about the show as it airs, and after. I will have a review coming soon after the East Coast airing, in case you care about such stuff.

A serious note: DO NOT SPOIL THE REST OF THE SEASON/SERIES. If there are enough people who have read the books we may start a spoiler discussion, but for now let’s see how this goes. Please keep in mind that many people will be experiencing this story week to week. Willful spoilers will get your post deleted and you banned.  Obviously you can discuss whatever happens in this episode, so West Coasters, beware when you come in here.

Winter is coming, they say.