Badass Guy Completely Relaxed In The Face Of Oncoming Tornado Devastation

In this crazy video a North Carolina man seems to be barely bothered by a deadly twister coming right at his face.

This weekend there was a HUGE spate of tornadoes, which probably had nothing to do with climate change and something to do with President Obama’s birth certificate.

Anyway, there were a ton of tornadoes, and none of them scared badass Steven Hoag of Wilson, North Carolina. In fact, Hoag sat in his truck calmly talking on the phone while one terrifying motherfucker of a tornado headed RIGHT AT HIM. And he never missed a beat - just kept talking, even as debris damaged his truck.

How did he keep so calm? I figured he was in the K-hole, but Hoag told ABC News “I was a Marine, and I love Jesus!” Which is probably a lot like being in the K-hole all the time.

Here’s Hoag’s amazing video: