Joss Whedon Is The Only Credited Writer On THE AVENGERS

Just to make some things clear: there is only one writer credited on the front page of THE AVENGERS script.

This is not really a news story, but I feel compelled to run it anyway, just to clear some things up. Late last week Zak Penn - good guy, director of some really funny mockumentary films, and one-time writer of The Avengers - did a little bit of press for his new TV show Alphas. Of course The Avengers came up, and Zak was a little vague when discussing it, citing an NDA (you can read all of his comments here).

Some folks have been running his thoughts on the film as a news break about the film, but I wanted to clear up this fact: Zak Penn is not credited on The Avengers. The only name on the script is Joss Whedon, who did a page one rewrite. Now, Whedon and Penn were both working with the same source material and producer mandates, so it’s possible the drafts have similarities and that future WGA wrangling could come into play - perhaps this is why Penn is being vague - but for the time being know that Whedon is the official solitary writer of The Avengers.

So leave Zak Penn alone, unless you’re asking him about Alphas, which is coming to the SyFy Channel.