New BELLFLOWER Teaser Continues Mildly Misleading Marketing

Latest teaser keeps selling the car and not the movie.

I didn’t like Bellflower when I saw it at SXSW, but I think you should see it. It’s a movie worth talking about, and I believe that director Evan Glodell has a future… as long as he stops starring in his own films, anyway. I had a lot of problems with the film, many of which come from the fact that it feels phony to me, like posing and not like a representation of any real life.

There’s also a phoniness I’m not liking about the marketing for the movie. The marketing focuses almost solely on Medusa, the badass car that the two leads build in the film… but Medusa is really barely in the film, and even when it is finally finished it’s not exactly prominent. There isn’t a big action scene featuring the vehicle or anything. Yet Medusa is the center of this new teaser, is the center of the film’s poster and has been coming to festival screenings across the country.

Yeah, the car is cool, but the car isn’t the film. I feel like Oscilloscope is setting themselves up for lots of disgruntled reactions when the film opens and people realize this is not a post-apocalyptic film or a car action movie.