Surprisingly Tame Red Band Trailer For A SERBIAN FILM

A red band trailer for the edited, NC-17 version of A SERBIAN FILM, plays it fairly safe.

Considering the fact that A Serbian Film is one of the most notorious movies of recent years you’d think the red band trailer for the upcoming US release would be more… red band. God knows the film has more than enough stuff in it to red band the shit out of this trailer.

Be warned: the cut that is playing in the US is edited by five minutes, although even with that much taken out it still has an NC-17 rating. According to Film School Rejects, a mostly uncut version will be available on the FlixFling service, but even THAT is trimmed from the full version, and I’m assuming it’s the most extreme stuff (read: the stuff you’ve heard so much about) that’s getting lopped off.

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