Where’s THE SOPRANOS On Blu-Ray?

Four years after HBO’s defining show ended you can only get two seasons on Blu - the first and the last. Where’s the rest of the landmark series?

The last time I was as excited for an HBO show as I was for Game of Thrones it was The Sopranos. The fantasy show re-awakened in me the love of that show which really helped define what an HBO original series is, and I began poking around, looking for a Blu-Ray complete series set.

None exists.

In fact, only season one and season six parts one and two are even available on Blu. You can’t buy two through five, even if you wanted to. You can have every trashy minute of True Blood in hi-def, but The Sopranos remains relegated to DVD; and if the DVDs they sell now are essentially the same as the ones I originally bought (and I suspect they are), the show is relegated to highly compressed, poorly mastered DVD.

And don’t get me started on The Wire - there’s no way to own ANY of that show in hi-def.

Anyone out there have any insight into why HBO is so niggardly with putting their best shows out on Blu? I imagine it’s largely about sales numbers, and with the insane prices HBO charges for a season of their shows I’m sure it’s hard enough to move lesser-known series like The Wire. But I feel like now, four years after the show ended, the time has come to get The Sopranos on Blu, with new features, new commentaries and some exciting and fun context. I’d love to see a critical roundtable discussion of the ending, for instance. And maybe they could charge a price that wouldn’t require a second mortgage.

Come on, HBO. We just want to keep on enjoying your shows in the best quality possible.