Incredible PAN’S LABYRINTH Poster From Mondo!

A breathtakingly beautiful poster. On sale Friday!

Holeeee shit, that is gorgeous. This poster went on sale in the flesh last night at the Alamo’s Big Screen Classics series screening of Pan’s Labyrinth, and it’ll be available online on Friday. As always, follow @MondoNews to find out exactly WHEN.

This isn’t a cheap one. The regular edition costs 75 bucks and is limited to 420 copies. The variant is limited to 125 copies at 125 bucks. Both posters are 37.5 x 15 - they’re much bigger than the usual Mondo print. The poster is by Aaron Horkey.

By the way, if you’re in Austin the movie is screening again tonight. In just a few hours! Sadly all the show copies of the poster sold out yesterday, so there will be no poster tonight… only a great movie.

via Slashfilm