It’s Toon Time For BATMAN YEAR ONE

Frank Miller’s seminal Batman origin story gets a retelling in cartoon form this fall, featuring Bryan Cranston, Katee Sackhoff and more.

Frank Miller’s classic origin story of The Goddamn Batman (and one of the important precursors of the reboot rage that has hit pop culture), Year One, will be getting animated by the good folks at Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation. Well, actually by a bunch of semi-slave level animators in the Far East, but you get the general gist of it.

And the cast is impressive. Bryan Cranston, beloved star of Malcolm in the Middle, will be voicing Commissioner Gordon. Katee Sackhoff will be Sarah Essen, his love interest (will Malcolm’s dad have a beer and cheat on his wife??). Eliza Dushku will play Catwoman, while the Batman will be voiced by Austin native Ben McKenzie.

Executive producer Bruce Timm says that they’s sticking close to Miller’s book. “The source material is surprisingly cinematic; it’s a pretty straight forward literal retelling,” he says. “[David] Mazzucchelli’s artwork is beautifully composed and we were able to refer to the comic for about 80 percent of the camera setups.”

The film comes out in the fall, direct to home video. It’ll premiere at Comic Con this summer.

via Hollywood Reporter