MORTAL KOMBAT: LEGACY Episode 2 Finally Gets To The Good Stuff

The second episode of the MORTAL KOMBAT web series finally gives us what we want: good violence!

First off - why is this called Mortal Kombat: Legacy? Shouldn’t it be called Mortal Kombat: Origins, since that’s exactly what it is? It’s a series of origin tales for the fighters.

Second: FINALLY. The first episode was long and talky and not Mortal Kombat. Episode two brings the goods, though, including Jax punching Kano’s eye out of his fucking head! When you cut out the ‘Previously on Mortal Kombat’ and the end credits, this is about six minutes long. This should have been combined with episode one so that we could have gotten a good fist fight in the premiere.

I hope they tighten these things up in future installments, and I hope they don’t all follow the format of “Part one is super talky and part two is kick ass.” I’ll be skipping to all the even numbered episodes if that’s the case.