Brit Marling Day! Trailer For ANOTHER EARTH

Another thoughtful low budget science fiction movie enters the Golden Age of Indie SciFi! See the trailer.

I just told you that Sound Of My Voice, a movie starring and co-written by the amazing Brit Marling, was picked up by Fox Searchlight. Now Fox Searchlight has released a trailer for their OTHER Brit Marling scifi movie, Another Earth. I haven’t seen Another Earth yet but love the trailer, and the conceit - an identical Earth emerges from the far side of the sun, serving as a metaphor for second chances and the chasing of mistakes unmade. Like Sound Of My Voice I understand that Another Earth is a film that uses its scifi component for character and emotional exploration, not adventure. And I like that.

The trailer is on the Quicktime site now. I’ll embed it when a good embed shows up.