Embarrassing Luke Skywalker STAR WARS Jacket Draws Hilarity In Amazon Reviews

Making fun of this jacket is easier than shooting womp rats in Beggar’s Canyon.

It’s wonderful to see that the internet has done its own policing on this jacket, flooding the Amazon page with hilarious reviews. A sample:

I was tired of getting hit on by beautiful women every time I went out in public, and then I bought this jacket. Problem solved.

I must add that this jacket’s repellent powers are infinitely multiplied when coupled with the included Medal of Yavin. Without it, the untrained female eye may confuse this ceremonial jacket with a Justin Timberlake style biker coat.

So if you’re the type of guy who prefers to sit in the corner of the bar sipping a mikes hard lemonade while playing touch screen erotic photo hunt without any interruptions, you need to get this jacket. The 7 year olds in Shanghai who made this must-own article of clothing didn’t grind out this bad boy for nothing.


If you’re a whiny, blond, teenage farmer, this jacket is for you. However you’ll be forever banished to the ‘friend zone’ by every girl you see, or worse, the ‘brother zone’. But you’ll always have Yavin!


This jacket is the perfect accoutrement for a wild night of video gaming in your father’s basement, or self pleasuring to poorly drawn cartoons of Princess Leia Organa in her slave costume that you found on the interwebz. It also is great for absorbing your lonely tears as you cry yourself to sleep, desparately clutching your 1978, telescoping light saber Darth Vader, still in mint-condition blister pack.

If you are ready to venture out for a night of being ignored by females, you just can not beat this 1970s-era marvel of nostalgia. Just try not to get any blood on it when their boyfriends rough you up for “staring at her boobs, you effing nerdbag.”

I bought one, and coupled with my rubber Spock ears (I like to mix it up a little… you know, live dangerously) I was the hit of grandma’s bridge club. (I told grandma that I won the Medal of Yavin for curling in the winter olympics).

Click here to read more grassroots mocking. And just in case you want to buy this thing… do it through us!

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