Hit Whoring! Here’s Tom Hardy On The Set Of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, Wearing Street Clothes

Let’s get down to brass tacks - would you blow Tom Hardy?

Some dude - a driver, I’d guess from looking at his Twitter feed, and a soon-to-be-unemployed one at that - snapped a picture of himself with Tom Hardy on what he claims is the set of The Dark Knight Rises. This is not really news, but rather a naked grab for hits, and I’m not above wallowing in that muck once in a while.

So that’s Hardy in street clothes, but I guess he’s bulked up for his role. Or he’s just remained bulked up from Warrior; either way, what do you think of his physique? And I mean that in the gayest way possible - let’s just accept that men in their 20s and 30s talking about the physiques of other men are completely sexually suspect and that all of our wives and girlfriends simply assume we’re too cowardly to just go for it and suck a dude’s dick.

So - would you suck Tom Hardy’s dick? I probably would.

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