Jeremy Renner Hits The Trifecta Of Badass Gov’t Agents With THE BOURNE LEGACY

Renner loves playing secret agents! First MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, then SHIELD agent Hawkeye in THE AVENGERS, and next the lead in the BOURNE spin-off.

Jeremy Renner has a full franchise plate. He just finished Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol. He has The Avengers coming up, with possible Hawkeye films spinning out of that. Now Universal has asked him to be the lead in The Bourne Legacy, the movie that will spin-off from the Bourne films. And we’re still waiting on word about the rest of the Hurt Locker trilogy.

The Bourne Legacy would be set in the Bourne universe and would see Renner as a tough ass operative. Hopefully with his memory intact. What’s interesting is that all of these franchises feel very samey… Mission: Impossible is just a sillier version of the Bourne films, and Hawkeye is sillier than that by a couple of magnitudes, but all these characters are super-specialist government operatives. You could almost cross these characters over. And that’s without even taking into account Hurt Locker II: Deep Hurting Locker.

Universal has made the offer but Renner hasn’t officially signed; everybody expects he will. I guess the upside for him is that he already did the basic research for this part in every other part he’s played lately. And who knows what he’ll pick up in research for Hurt Locker III: Dark of the Locker.

Latino Review broke this, by the way, but Deadline takes the credit.