Red Band Trailer For 30 MINUTES OR LESS Finds Comedy In Real Tragedy

In real life a pizza delivery man robbed a bank while wearing an explosive necklace, which killed him. Now Jesse Eisenberg wears one for humor in a new movie! See the red band trailer.

I didn’t realize that 30 Minutes Or Less - the new comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansara and Danny McBride - was based on a true life incident where a man fucking EXPLODED. That’s a ballsy place to start your comedy movie, and I like it.

The red band trailer for the film is available when you like it on Facebook (savvy, Sony), and it’s pretty funny. The editing of a trailer can hurt some gags, which is why the timing of the opening bit feels off, but the chemistry and premise all work. I look forward to checking out this movie (which was already on my ‘movies to be optimistic about this summer’ list before I saw the trailer!).

Click here to watch the trailer. If you’re on Facebook. And if you’re not on Facebook, what are you, one of those people who won’t get a cell phone or watch color movies?

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