SUBMARINE Trailer: Another Summer Movie To Be Excited About

A delightful trailer for the new British coming of age film that could help make this summer bearable.

Between the trailers for Submarine and Another Earth you can almost forget that the summer is usually the stomping grounds of hugely expensive movies that somehow have nine screenwriters and no actual script. Today is a day where you can look into the future and feel okay about the state of cinema. I like days like today!

The trailer for Submarine, a British coming of age movie directed by The IT Crowd‘s Richard Ayoade, has hit Quicktime. As always, I will embed later should an embed appear and I get a chance. I’m not your embedding servant, you know. You’re not too good to click a link.

But this movie does look too good to miss. Coming in June, just when we’ll be really needing a dose of humanity amidst all the CGI.

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