The Secret Nod To Annie/Jeff Shippers On Last Night’s COMMUNITY

Fervent fans of the Annie/Jeff relationship may have recognized the song and slomo montage from last night’s fake clip show.

Once again Community has gone above and beyond. Last night’s episode was a faux clip show; usually when a program does a clip show it’s a cheap way to re-use old footage as characters reminisce about past adventures. Community had the gang reminiscing about adventures we never saw, including a trip to a ghost town, a haunted house, a camping trip, a disastrous Habitat for Humanity effort, a rafting trip and more. Meta, hilarious and seemingly hugely labor-intensive, last night’s episode was one of the series’ best.

It also included a great sly nod to the hardcore shippers in the audience. Shippers are (in my humble opinion) the weirdest fans of a property. They’re people who obsess over relationships between fictional characters, and in fact usually obsess over relationships that don’t really exist. Kirk/Spock slashfic is a good example of shippers in action.

There’s a whole Annie/Jeff shipping subculture, and they make weird videos about the relationship. And last night, during the montage where Annie outs herself as an Annie/Jeff shipper, the show took aim at just such a video - using the same song from the video, in fact!

Here’s that video:

And in case you missed last night’s episode, here it is!