Watch The Teaser For The D&D Comedy ZERO CHARISMA

ZERO CHARISMA, an indie comedy about the greatest dungeon master ever, and what happens when his lifeblood, all things nerd, is faced with an outside threat wearing a pair of skinny jeans.

Unlike some of you, I stumbled upon the fantasy role playing game Dungeons & Dragons unexpectedly. I had a friend from out of town over one evening that I’d met on the Internet (of course), and after a few too many beers we thought it a grand idea to hold our own wrestling match. Well, predictable as it might be, this all ended in him giving me an accidental, overzealous piledriver and an apology that resulted in a hardcover copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook. As a result, I was hooked, and all jokes regarding me being dropped on my head from this point forward are to be taken entirely seriously.

If you’re not familiar with the RPG, I’ll clue you in to the title’s significance:

Charisma (CHA): Charisma is the measure of the character’s combined physical attractiveness, persuasiveness, and personal magnetism. A generally non-beautiful character can have a very high charisma due to strong measures of the other two aspects of charisma.

Zero Charisma Teaser from Andrew Matthews on Vimeo.

This is merely a teaser trailer for a debut feature in the works from the brains behind the cult classic, Best Worst Movie(2009), otherwise known as The Troll 2 Documentary. Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews served as cinematographer and editor for that cherished project under Director, Michael Paul Stephenson, who also got his start as a child actor in the original Troll 2. It goes without saying that I highly recommend a viewing of both, if you haven’t seen them already.

The pair relocated to Austin, Texas recently in hopes of creating their own narrative feature, and according to their IndieGoGo page have nearly hit their goal not even a week after it went live. Their cult following is indubitably fierce and the geek fueled motivation behind Sam Eidson’s (Natural Selection, My Sucky Teen Romance) character, Scott, is identifiable.

We need a new hero, damn it, and I’m rooting for this guy and the filmmakers behind him. It’s becoming more and more difficult to smell our own, especially in a town rife with a neo-nerd hipsters like Austin. Half of them are confusing me with their ironic leather dice bags, while the others are thankfully only misleading newsies, chimney sweeps, and ring masters time traveling from years between 1899 and 1940.