Captain America And Nick Fury Walk Into Times Square

Has a scene from THE AVENGERS been put into CAPTAIN AMERICA? Or was the first footage for THE AVENGERS secretly shot this weekend?

This weekend Chris Evans and Samuel L Jackson showed up in crowded Times Square to shoot some material for an upcoming Marvel movie. All reports say it was for Captain America: The First Avenger, and some say that Joe Johnston was there. But here’s what’s interesting: there’s a Cap being confused in modern Times Square scene in the script for The Avengers!

Is it possible that this scene has been taken from the Avengers script and put into Captain America: The First Avenger as a bridge moment? At this point there’s a cut of Captain America, so it’s possible that the studio has watched it and decided they needed a little extra oomph at the end. I don’t know what they shot, but early scripts ended with Cap still in ice, being found by Fury and friends. Obviously the finished film will be going a touch farther than that. And Marvel is always happy to shoot the cameos and tie-ins incredibly late in the game. Iron Man 2 and Thor both shot cameo scenes a few weeks before release.

Of course the other possibility is that it is for The Avengers after all. That film officially starts shooting today, but Chris Evans was in New York promoting his film Puncture, which is playing at the Tribeca Film Festival. Marvel is very cheap, so doing the scene at a time when they don’t have to pay to get Evans to New York might have appealed to them. And the lack of Joss Whedon is meaningless; this was second unit type stuff, so it would have been unlikely he’d have been on set.

Either way, take this in: they’re shooting The Avengers right now. That’s sort of hard to believe.

Picture via Coming Soon