House Lannister And House Stark Come To IRL Blows In GAME OF THRONES Police Incident

A man and his cousin argue about the show. The man then tries to throw his cousin through a window.

It seems that Floridian Michael Podniestrzanski, 23, got into a heated debate with his cousin after watching Game of Thrones last night. The subject? ‘Who was going to win,’ according to the police report. Big Mike took a swing at his cousin, they fought a bit, and then Mike tried to throw his cousin through the front window.

What’s so hilarious is that the show is based on a book and a quick Wikipedia check could have alerted them as to ‘who was going to win,’ and averted all this trouble.

Mike was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery, but his cousin doesn’t wish to press charges.

By the way, my review of episode two IS coming. I had to watch the episode twice and got caught up in other writing, but I’ll try to run it today. So stop sending me Facebook messages, Mark Crawford.

via Smoking Gun