The Fast, The Furious, The Terminator: Arnold and Justin Lin Teaming On New TERMINATOR

He really wasn’t kidding with that ‘I’ll be back’ shit.

The Terminator is back. After the franchise went down in flames with the (overly maligned, IMO) Terminator Salvation, it looked like the days of the T-800 might be over. But today CAA is shopping a Terminator package that includes Arnold Schwarzenegger to star and Justin Lin to direct.

Lin comes from humble roots, but his Fast and Furious films have been quality on a visual level. The latest, Fast Five, is one of the more spectacular summer movies to come along in years, and while Lin doesn’t seem to show much interest in anything deep, he (and his second unit) capture some great action. Schwarzenegger is more of a question mark these days. Old, out of shape and maybe just tired in an existential sense, are we really dying to see Arnold put on sunglasses and wield a gun after we just saw him doing all sorts of suit and tie California governor bullshit for years? The guy’s at retirement age already. Why are they making geriatric Terminators?

There’s no writer or script - I’m not even sure if there’s a concept - but after Lin’s Fast Five blows the doors off this weekend, people will be lining up to make this movie.

via Deadline