Glenn Beck Gonna Lose His Shit: Superman No Longer An American Citizen

Now it’s ‘Truth, Justice and UN concentration camps and black helicopters’!

Today Action Comics #900 came out and in one of the stories Superman makes the huge step of renouncing his American citizenship. It should be noted that Superman is not a citizen of the United States. Superman pays no taxes, has no birth certificate and is ineligible to vote. CLARK KENT, on the other hand, probably remains a US citizen. So Superman is just essentially using his powers of superbloviating to make some kind of  a fucking point.

Apparently the US government got all mad that Supes showed up in Tehran to non-violently support protesters, and everybody thought he was representing the American government. In fact, Iran thought it was an act of war. Explains Comics Alliance:

Superman replies that it was foolish to think that his actions would not reflect politically on the American government, and that he therefore plans to renounce his American citizenship at the United Nations the next day—and to continue working as a superhero from a more global than national perspective.

I don’t know what the practical effects of this would be on any level. Again, since Superman is not a ‘person,’ even in the DC Universe, who cares? Unless he reveals his identity and then moves to the Fortress of Solitude full time this just sounds like the superpowered version of considering yourself a global citizen.

But on the plus side it’s sure to infuriate people whose worldview remain ensconced firmly in post-WWII Cold War paradigms, which is always funny.

As a note: David Goyer wrote this story.