Law Of X-MEN Marketing: Trailer Quality Inversely Proportional To Poster Quality

As the posters get worse the trailers for X-MEN: FIRST CLASS just get better and better.

While all the posters and stuff from X-Men: First Class have been horrifying, the trailers have been AMAZING. And the latest (and I’m assuming final) one is no different. Judging by this trailer, which is largely footage we’ve already seen sprinkled with some new stuff, this movie should completely rule.

I just love this exchange:

Magneto: What do you know about me?

Xavier: Everything.

I imagine a lot of the action is in the third act, since we keep seeing the same Cuban Missile Crisis scenes, but whatever. It’s the X-Men versus a fucking naval fleet. I’m in.

I’m in for this whole thing. Fox can release stick figure drawing posters as long as their trailers remain as great as these.