Perfume Commercial Or Trailer For Tarsem’s THE IMMORTALS? You Decide!

Theseus, a new fragrance for men from Calvin Klein.

There’s no denying that the trailer for Tarsem’s latest movie, The Immortals, is filled with style. But the style looks like a Calvin Klein ad, or an old REM video or something. Actually, it looks like a Zack Snyder movie if Zack Snyder had no pulp ‘fun’ sensibility, just a masturbatory obsession with framing shots. There’s a bit or two in there that looks actually thrilling - the guy going into the ocean - but mostly it looks like Motion Tableau The Movie.

On top of that all the line readings are horrible. A bunch of stupid, declamatory statements and some shouting, with Mickey Rourke showing up dressed as the Greek Frank The Bunny. I don’t know… nothing about this appeals. And if you’re a Snyder hater but fawn over this, you’re spiritually bankrupt.