THE DARK KNIGHT Rises In India… But Why?

Could a local fort be the HQ for the League of Shadows?

I don’t care if The Dark Knight Rises is shooting in Cleveland or in Detroit or in Chicago. It’s all the same, give or take some tax breaks. But when you tell me the movie is shooting India I pay some attention.

Location shooting can tell you interesting things (it can also confuse you - knowing that The Dark Knight shot in Hong Kong tells you nothing about the story of the film). So what does TDKR shooting in Jodhpur, India tell us? That Batman will be changing his pants style, for one thing. But really I think it tells us that we’re going to get some good looks at the League of Shadows. Just check out the fortress above, Mehrangahr Fort. It’s so big it has SEVERAL palaces within its walls. That looks exactly like the ancient fortress headquarters of an ancient secret society.

Expect a bunch of the League of Shadows. My sources - who have been pretty good so far - tell me that they’re casting Ra’s Al Ghul’s wife right now. We may get a serious look back at the life of Ra’s.