This Is Real: Ad Uses Circumcision To Sell Noodles

Nothing makes you want some spicy noodles like having your foreskin chopped.

Apparently he wasn’t completely lying; a commercial for Lucky Me! Petit Canton uses the circumcision of young boy to prove he’s manly enough to eat spicy noodles.

Here’s a translation, via Copyranter:

Doctor: Mr. Suarez, he’s OK.
Kid: Dad, it didn’t hurt!
Dad: I told you you can do it. You’re a big boy already!
Kid: I didn’t even cry!
VO: Because he’s already a big boy, he can now eat Sweet & Spicy Lucky Me! Pancit Canton. It has the right blend and the right amount of spice that we enjoy.
Dad: Oh, can you handle it?
Kid (lowering voice): I can!

* he also claimed his dad killed and cooked the family dog before they moved to the US, but I really suspect he was fucking with me on that one.