Watch 86 Year Old Found Footage: IN THE LAND OF GIANTS AND PYGMIES

Discovered in a French camera shop, these thought lost in time 35mm prints have been stencil-colored and restored for our viewing pleasure.

Shot in 1925 by Aurelio Rossis on his journey through the Belgian Congo (present-day Democratic Republic of the Congo), this nine minute clip shares a fascinating glimpse at Central African tribal life, everything from their polygamous tradition to the Mbuti Pygmies.


1. If you weren’t raised on National Geographic, the customary elephant/pachyderm hunting this footage contains might ruffle your feathers. I can assure you it’s a 1 on the Bob Parsons scale of gratuitous violence toward our favorite, giant floppy-eared mammal friends.

2. Refrain from reading the YouTube comments as I’m positive each user is posting from a residence located somewhere on “Butthole Road” (it actually exists). By all means, be my guest if you’re into that sort of thing.

via Dangerous Minds