Alamo Drafthouse’s Letter Daddies Team Wins Literacy Coalition’s Adult Spelling Bee!

Alamo programmers Zack Carlson and Lars Nilsen, along with Master Pancake’s John Erler, take home the gold!

Originally posted at the Alamo blog by Caitlin Stevens.

For the past five years, the Alamo Drafthouse has participated in the Literacy Coalition’s Adult Spelling Bee. They performed admirably for the first four, but this year: TRIUMPH! That’s right folks, our very own Lars Nilsen, Zack Carlson, and Master Pancake’s John Erler took to the stage of the Austin Music Hall this afternoon and used their knowledge of the alphabet to destroy all other teams.

I know what you’re thinking. Spelling Bees are for nerds. Well most of the time you’d be right, but this particular Spelling Bee was a fundraiser. The Literacy Coalition of Central Texas works to increase funding for literacy education. I think they said they raised something around $65,000 this time around, which is nothing short of amazing. Their annual spelling be is comprised of teams from various Austin business, and judged in a few categories: spelling (duh), costumes, and spirited table/supporter. These are all separate awards, of course, but we totally could have snagged all those babies.

The important thing: Zack, Lars and John can spell! I mean, damn! We were a little worried about the competition. There were some pretty adorable church ladies that seemed pretty smart (and obviously had God on their side…), Coldtowne Theatre brought their wrestling troupe (who triumphantly spelled “fart” upon their exit), and a whole bunch of others that knew their way around a dictionary. Things got a little heated when it came down to two teams. We thought we had it in the bag when we correctly spelled the word that the previous team missed (I’d put it here, but I can’t remember it, or spell it), but NO! Our team had to spell one more word: katzenjammer! Apparently, there’s an old comic strip called Katzenjammer Kids, and if anyone knew that, it would obviously be Zack and Lars. They were pronounced the victor, Zack and John shared a passionate kiss. It was beautiful.